The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Application Funnel in ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Application Funnel: Create a Powerful Sales and Marketing Machine

Application funnels are one of the most powerful features in ClickFunnels. They allow you to segment your audience and create a customized campaign for each group. Creating Application Funnel in ClickFunnels is a very important step in your marketing strategy.

First, you need to have a list of people that you want to send the funnel. You can upload them manually or import from other sources like your website using ClickFunnels integration with built-in integrations and third party apps (LeadPages, Aweber).

Next, create an application process by designing it one step at a time: first step is free but second requires credit card information which will help Clickfunnel to know whether you’re ready for paid offer.

Creating Application Funnel in ClickFunnels

Once all steps are completed user gets access on certain page where they can choose how many users they want their affiliate network to be able to refer. This feature makes sure that everyone who uses this link has same chance of earning money! This way you won’t lose money because of some fake referrals.

Steps to create your own application funnel using ClickFunnels: Create an account on Clickfunnel – Go to Apps page and select the app you want (LeadPages, Aweber). Follow steps according to which integration method you chose in order not to lose any data or leads during import process. Design first step for free offer such as “Get a Free Consultation”. After filling out details click Continue button at bottom of page then fill up contact form with all required information and don’t forget about lead magnet! It will give you better conversion rate than just asking people straight off the street who might be hesitant without knowing more about your business.

Then you can add second step and ask for credit card information to make sure that user is ready for paid offer. It will help not lose money because of fake referrals or someone who just wants trying your service without any intention to use it further on. Once all steps are completed Clickfunnels will give you referral link which leads directly to thank you page where users need a passcode in order to access premium account after completing previous steps!