The Types of Web Hosting Services

Which Web Hosting Service Should I Choose?

Web hosting by GreenGeeks is the backbone of any website. It’s important to know what you are looking for in web hosting, so that you can make the best decision for your needs. There are two types of web hosting services- shared and dedicated.

Shared hosts are the most common of web hosting services. Shared means that many websites are on one server, which is more cost-effective for the company and affordable for you as a customer. The main downside to shared plans is that if another website on your server goes down, it takes all of them with it. This can be frustrating when trying to maintain an online presence!

Dedicated servers offer more power than shared servers since they have their own separate space on a virtual private network (VPN). They also allow companies who do not need access to multiple databases or email accounts, but still want total control over their domain names and software applications available instead of sharing.


Another option in between dedicated and shared options is VPS (virtual private server). This provides the individual control and power of a dedicated server, but is still shared with other companies.

Which ne to choose depends on your business needs, but if you want the most power and control over your website, a dedicated server is a good choice. Also, if you need the flexibility to scale up or down, dedicated servers are also great.

Alternatively, if your website does not get much traffic or has a low budget then it would be best suited on a VPS plan which offers some power while still being cost-effective. If you’re looking for something in between this option allows flexibility without breaking the bank! Both dedicated servers and VPS’s provide better performance than shared options but can go up quite expensive depending on what level of service you want/need.