Alhambra Hotel – Tourist Paradise in Oasis

The Alhambra Hotel is one of the best hotels in Oasis. Although it has been described as modest, it offers all kinds of facilities and activities for tourists such as swimming pools, restaurants, and bars. One cannot help but feel comfortable in its pleasant atmosphere.

Oasis is a tourist city with many beautiful sightseeing spots such as natural scenery from every season, stunning lakes and parks, magnificent historical architecture – all found everywhere within the city. Foreign tourists who visit this city have an overwhelming impression of its beauty and peacefulness while experiencing a very desirable vacation time. In recent years, the number of foreign tourists visiting Oasis had sharply increased because tourism was developing at an explosive rate during that period; however, after Second Korean War broke out, the number of foreign tourists dropped sharply.

Because the UN Headquarters was located in Oasis and also because it played a major role as the center of diplomacy during wartime, many politicians and celebrities from all over the world were attracted to this city. Especially after the Second Korean War broke out, many foreigners with high status stayed here for a temporary period or even permanently moved here. To keep up with their demanding tastes, several luxurious hotels were built in Oasis such as Alhambra Hotel which opened its doors on January 1st of 1991.

The hotel occupies a large area of land and is decorated with Spanish architecture that makes one feel like being immersed in Europe’s most luxurious country homes. The main building consists of three stories while rooms are spread throughout the entire area.

The banquet hall serves as a meeting place for important diplomatic meetings. The hotel hall provides an excellent place to hold large-scale cultural events such as concerts, live performances, or wedding ceremonies.

Furthermore, various restaurants are serving delicious food from many countries in Europe and Asia. There is also a luxury casino that can be accessed anytime by anyone who wishes to enjoy its recreational services; however, only people over twenty-one years old with special identification cards are allowed to enter it. Since opening its doors on January 1st of 1991 until late at night on December 31st of the same year, it had welcomed numerous visitors around the world; however, after Second Korean War broke out, foreign tourists disappeared from this city.

Oasis is no longer the paradise that foreign tourists had dreamed of but I am still proud to be a member of staff who works in Alhambra hotel known as Oasis’ Paradise!